Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Harrellson cleared to play

Rookie Josh Harrellson has been cleared to play and may return to play against Cleveland tomorrow night. Harrellson had been sidelined for over a month with a broken wrist that he suffered in a January 22nd game against Denver. Harrellson had been doing well in the front court for the Knicks before the wrist injury. Harrellson has impressed D'Antoni with his good defense, rebounding, and ability to make perimeter jumpers.

With Harrellson's return, and the potential return of Iman Shumpert in the coming week, the Knicks may be the healthiest they have been all season. Aside from Shumpert, the only remaining injury is Bill Walker who is currently out with a sore elbow. The hectic, shorten season has had definitely had an impact on the Knicks. Both star players, Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire, have both missed significant time due to injury. But the injuries have been a mixed blessing for the Knicks as they allowed the rise of Jeremy Lin. Lin was able to get minutes, and eventually start as result of injuries to high minute players. The shorten season and injuries have also allowed other bench players like Harrellson and Steve Novak to shine in their extended roles.

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