Friday, March 9, 2012

Knicks drop 4th straight to Bucks

The Knicks lose 119-114 against the Milwaukee Bucks. The key stat of the game was the 17 offensive rebounds the Bucks were able to collect including a key late rebound by Ersan Ilyasova that allowed the Bucks to keep their distance from the Knicks. The Knicks were weak on the inside without Tyson Chandler to clog up the middle and box out. Both the Knicks and Bucks were lacking on the defensive side of the ball (the Bucks have also been missing their big man, Andrew Bogut, who hopes to return in the coming weeks). The Knicks also kept their strong defender, Iman Shumpert, on the bench for most of the game (5 total minutes) with a majority of his time going to Baron Davis and Landry Fields The Knicks allowed three Buck players (Mike Dunlevy, Ersan Ilyasova, and Carlos Delfino) to score 25+ points and the Bucks as a team hit 13 of 26 three pointers.

The Knicks played a much higher tempo without Chandler, and often decided to "go small" with several guards on the floor at once (including both Baron Davis and Jeremy Lin on the floor at the same time). Lin and Davis both played very well, Lin scored 20 points with 13 assists, 4 steals, and steals and 5 turnovers. Davis was able to dish out 9 assists with 2 steals and 9 points in a season high 31 minutes. The team was led in scoring by Amare Stoudemire with 27 points and 11 rebounds. Carmelo Anthony and Landry Fields chipped in 22 points and 18 points respectively.

The game was going in the Knicks' favor despite the poor defense going into the half. But in the third quarter the Knicks were slowed to 18 points total, while the Bucks put up 32. The Knicks were plagued in the 3rd with turnovers and bad offensive chemistry. The 3rd quarter turned out to be the difference in the game. The Knicks however were able to bring the game back within reach during the final minutes of the 4th closing the gap to a single point. But bad rebounding and a key miss by Melo at the foul line sealed the game up for the Bucks.

The Knicks' lost to the Bucks came after three other tough games on the road against playoff caliber teams. The Knicks will have a chance to break the streak and redeem themselves in a home game against the Philadelphia 76ers on Sunday afternoon.

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