Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Trade Deadline Roundup

With less than two days to go before the trade deadline, here's a look at the current trade situation:

Orlando Magic

It is looking more and more like the Magic will try to retain Dwight Howard. They are actively searching for a star to pair with Howard. They are also alledgely gave Howard leverage in coaching/personnel decisions. This move by Orlando looks remarkably like the Cleveland Cavaliers last ditch effort to hold onto LeBron James in 2010. The effectiveness of the strategy will depend on the star the Magic are able to obtain. Right now, the top candidates are Golden State's Monta Ellis and Milwaukee's Stephen Jackson in a three team trade that would send Andrew Bogut to the Warriors. However this trade is currently at a stalemate with the Warriors not satisfied with their return. The Cavaliers, at the time, were only able to bring in Antawn Jamison despite rumors they were trying to make a deal for star Amare Stoudamire (who was with the Suns). It might make more sense for the Magic to clear out some cap space and try to grab Deron Williams in the offseason if they can't get Ellis/Jackson.

Howard may not be swayed either way and the situation could turn out exactly like LeBron James. Yahoo! Sports is reporting Howard says will leave for New Jersey whether it is this season or next season.

Chicago Bulls
The Bulls may try to move Carlos Boozer, and are eyeing Pau Gasol. But Los Angeles doesn't appear to be interested in the Bulls' offer which would be built around the 6'9'' power forward. Los Angeles may still be trying to deal for Dwight Howard. The Bulls were also, reportedly, trying to trade for Howard. But a possible trade may have been blocked by the center who doesn't appear to be interested in playing in Chicago even with Derrick Rose.

Golden State Warriors
The Warriors are looking at other big men, even if they are unable to get Howard or Bogut. Golden State is rumored to be looking to get Chris Kaman from New Orleans. The Hornets are trying to pry Epke Udoh away from the Warriors, but Golden State doesn't want to move the second year player. Other teams are also allegedly interested in Kaman including the Heat, Celtics and Rockets.

Boston Celtics
Celtics' GM Danny Ainge says Rajon Rondo will not be traded. Rumors have persisted that Boston were trying to move Rondo because they felt he wasn't a star you could build a team around. But it appears now that either Boston couldn't find a deal or weren't really interested in moving Rondo. Other parts of the Celtics may be for sale as it is the last year of Boston's “Big Three”. 

Houston Rockets
Houston's Kevin Martin is on the trading block, but it isn't clear exactly where he may go. He end up being part of the possible Chris Kaman deal mentioned earlier. Martin was part of the original Chris Paul deal with the Lakers, Rockets, and Hornets that was stopped by the league office. It appears New Orleans is still interested in making a trade with Houston and they may still be interested in Martin.

Atlanta Hawks
The Hawks don't appear to be interested in trading forward Josh Smith who reported wants out of Atlanta.

Phoenix Suns
Steve Nash hasn't publicly stated he would like to leave Phoenix, but there are rumors that the Suns' long time point guard would like one more run at a championship. The aging player, who just turned 38 last month is still leading the league in assists and still playing at an extremely high level. The Suns don't want to trade him, and Nash appears to be content staying in Phoenix. At least for the remainder of his contract that expires at the end of the season.

Indiana Pacers
There might be interest from Indiana for New Orleans' guard Eric Gordon who reported refused an extension offer from the Hornets earlier this season. Gordon was traded to the Hornets as part of the Chris Paul deal but has missed most of this season due to injury. The injury may be the only thing that might hamper this potential deal to the Pacers which would mean a return to Indiana for Gordon.

The Pacers are also looking at making a deal for Jamal Crawford, who they pursued in the offseason. But the Clippers are also looking to grab the aging shooting guard.

Dallas Mavericks
Mavericks are not interested in trading Shawn Marion to clear up cap space.

Minnesota Timberwolves
Michael Beasley is the subject of many trade rumors and is reportedly being pursued by Boston, Los Angeles, and Orlando. Other have said he could potentially be a backup option for the New Jersey Nets if they are unable to make a deal for Dwight Howard. Beasley is having a disappointing follow up to last season where he averaged just short of 20 points per game. This season has been used mainly off the bench. Beasley has however shot better from behind the arc this season averaging 44% 3pt shooting.

Utah Jazz
Al Jefferson may be traded but not clear where and for what. The Utah Jazz have said that they are actively listening to trade offers in general (not specifically Jefferson). 

New York Knicks
Finally, as reported earlier, New York may avoid big moves and stay mostly pat with their roster but are still looking to deal bench warmer Toney Douglas.

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