Sunday, April 1, 2012

Knicks interested in Mike James?

With Jeremy Lin out for possibly the remainder of the season, the Knicks may be looking for a free agent to replace Lin. Right now the Knicks are using a combination of Baron Davis, Mike Bibby, Toney Douglas, and Iman Shumpert at point guard. On paper it seems like the Knicks have plenty of depth. But Mike Bibby is relatively ineffective, at this point in his career, as a ball handler. Toney Douglas also is more like an undersized shooting guard than a point guard, and Shumpert is a shooting guard. Leaving Baron Davis as the only quality true point guard left on the roster.

ESPN NY is reporting that Mike James would be interested in joining the team and New York may be looking at him. Anthony Carter has also been named as a potential free agent candidate. Both would be eligible to join the team for the playoffs. The biggest obstacle for New York is their loaded roster. The Knicks currently have the maximum number of players (15) under contract. That means they would have to cut a player to add a guard. Since the Knicks are currently shorthanded in the front court with Amare Stoudemire, and b both out, this would mean that the Knicks would likely have to consider cutting either Douglas, Bibby, or perhaps the injured swingman Bill Walker for James or Carter.

Neither player, in my opinion, are perfect options even in small minute roles. Both are 36 years old and have seen only limited action in the past few seasons. James has only played in 12 NBA games since 2009, and was not active at all last year. However he has played in the D-League while he wasn't in the pro-curcuit. Anthony Carter has seen considerable more action during the past few seasons including playing with the Knicks during the second half of last season.

But at this point, their aren't any great point guard options available. James or Carter could be a small upgrade over Bibby as a ball handler but perhaps not enough to make a real difference. James is probably the better player of the two available despite playing limited time. He looked pretty good in the eight games he played with the Bulls earlier this year. He might provide the Knicks with a few more options

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