Thursday, April 5, 2012

Woodson doesn't want team to be "one-man show"

Mike Woodson was on the Michael Kay show on ESPN NY talking about the loss in Indiana. He said that what happened during the forth quarter of the Indiana game was "uncharacteristic" of the team. Woodson went as far as calling the poor stretch of the game, where the Knicks blew a double digit lead in the matter of minutes, "strange."

“Well we would like to think not because that was kind of uncharacteristic of how we have been playing in this 12 game stretch and even all year. Under Mike we hadn’t given up 40 points in a quarter like that."
 Woodson did express concern about Melo taking too many shots and encouraged more players getting involved:

I don’t want a team that it’s a one-man show. We didn’t have that in Atlanta when I coached. We had six guys that averaged in double figures because on any given night I want somebody to be different. It could be ‘Melo every night and that is okay too but one night it might be JR (Smith), it might be (Steve) Novak, it might be Tyson (Chandler), that’s the kind of team that I want to assemble because I just think it keeps opposing teams off balance in terms of who to key in on.
Woodson also commented on the injuries saying that he is looking for who else is going "to step up." He said the team can't worry about who is playing and who isn't.

 Analysis: This is exactly what I think a lot of fans wanted to hear. When the lead evaporated during the Pacers game the Knicks offense turned basically into the Carmelo Show. A lot less ball movement was happening and Carmelo was responsible for creating his own shot. Melo can get it done but it really takes a lot of the other players out of the game which can hurt them on the defensive side of the ball. Let's see if the Knicks can move the ball a bit more tonight against the Magic.


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