Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Why the Knicks better sign Metta World Peace?

Yes. No question. Definitely. I've been calling for it all freaking offseason. Well... all four weeks of it. 

The Knicks need a starting quality small forward that can play some defense and knock down three's. 

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Now I didn't expect them to sign/acquire a top talent. I knew the harsh financial constraints the team was facing. I was expecting maybe a Ronnie Brewer (though I would have preferred a better shooter) or someone of the ilk/talent level.

And to be honest, the addition of Andrea Bargnani and Tim Hardaway Jr. shut me up a bit, because my main concern is Iman Shumpert playing SF. He can do it, but he's better fit at guard. With Bargnani, his size and shooting could let Carmelo Anthony move back to his natural position, with Hardway left to snag any cleanup minutes. At least prospectively. I have no clue what Woodson has planned for this roster.

However, the departure of both Kidd and Novak, opens a significant gap at wing. Shump, JR and Melo might be able to fill that gap, but personally I think it'd be smart to add a veteran wing player, like World Peace, that can called upon to play a decent amount of minutes if needed.

Metta World Peace would be a perfect addition in my opinion. He's a dedicated defender and gives great effort on that end of the floor. The Knicks, despite Tyson Chandler's and Mike Woodson's defensive mindsets, were a very average defensive team last season. They ranked 18th in defensive rating. Offensively, he can play with and without the ball in his hand. He's familiar with the Knicks offense (which is basically a modified D'Antoni set). He could be a better 3pt shooter, but he's good enough to get the job done. And hell, if he gets big minutes, he could slide in as the Knicks number three or four scorer.

Mentally, MWP has always been a little unstable. But he can also frustrate. He gets in people's heads. He's tough. He's not afraid to hit someone and that's something the Knicks could use. Get that New York Thuggets mentality.

This would be my ideal roster set up (if we can sign MWP).

PG: Felton (20-25 minutes), Prigs (20-25), Shump or another FA signing (3-5)
SG: Shump (20), JR (28)
SF: Anthony (25), MWP (18), JR/Shump, Bargnani? (5) 
PF: Bargnani (25), Amare (10-15), Melo/MWP (5-10)
C: Chandler (35), Amare (5-10), Martin (3-5), Bargnani (3-5)

Garbage minutes: Haraway, Martin, Leslie, Amare, any FA point guard

So at best, I wouldn't plan for a ton of minutes for MWP, until someone (eventually) gets hurt. I suspect Amare, based on recent history, Amare might not last long. I hope that isn't the case. But if that happens, I could see Bargani and Martin each getting some extra minutes. Maybe MWP. If Bargnani goes down (again like recent history) I could see MWP getting starter minutes and Melo going back to PF. This roster is so fluid, though, and it's hard to picture what's going on with Melo and what position he'll play. Bargnani is best suited to play PF or C. But he has enough range to catch some minutes at small forward. However, defensively, it's far from the best position.

But Melo seems keen to improve his post ability. He's working with Olajuwon again this offseason. Certainly that could just be a move to improve his abilities, but it also seems to tell me that Anthony expects to continue to play a lot in the post again. With Bargnani spacing the floor, he can certainly work in the post at small forward, but is there a chance he could stay at the four? Possibly, but it doesn't make sense to me.

Either way, Metta World Peace can significantly help the Knicks. Grunwald should be blowing up his agents phone, wining and dining MWP with Woodson. Doing everything he can to get MWP in NYC.

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