Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Report: Steve Kerr close to accepting the Knicks job, you know, unless he decides to sign with the Warriors, who actually want Stan Van Gundy, who is just about to sign with the Pistons reportedly but who knows

Yes, after months of speculation, it appears that Steve Kerr will take the Knicks job, according to a New York Daily News report among others. Unless of course, he doesn't. That's surely a possibility because the Golden State Warriors apparently really want him. They are also looking at Stan Van Gundy too, reportedly, who is close to signing with the Pistons -- according to sources.

However, it might not matter because it appears a deal between the Knicks and Kerr will happen soon. Or if not, maybe in a couple of days. Or maybe next week at the very latest. But even when that happens, Kerr will not show up until after the playoffs.

Yes, a ton of stuff that is and might and will possibly happen. Reportedly. So many possible things-to-come that are so eminent and just about to happen eventually. Unless something else happens which, sources say, is almost inevitable, but probably won't happen right now.

Source: Frank Isola



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